best foods for healthy eyes

Best Foods for Healthy Eyes

Best Foods for Healthy Eyes that Protect your eyesight
1. Carrots
Sure, carrots top this list of the best foods to eat for healthy eyes, Carrots dont give you night vision, of course, but the beta carotene will help lower your risk of both cataracts and macular degeneration
2. Salmon
Like any other oily fish, such as sardines, salmon is an excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids. It reduces the risk of macular degeneration by 38% and helps treat dry eye disease.
3. Leafy greens
Kale, spinach, and other leafy greens are packed with the antioxidants, zeaxanthin and lutein. Leafy greens absorb blue light, which is especially harmful to the retina. They also help your eyes to detect contrast better and keep your vision good in both the long and short term.
4. Corn
A yellow corn is rich in zeaxanthin and lutein, with only ? a cup of cooked corn providing you with plenty of every nutrient to keep your eyes healthy. Consuming corn on a regular basis lowers the risks of cataracts and helps prevent the loss of yellow pigments in the eyes.
5. Ostrich
Perhaps, you have never even considered eating ostrich for healthy eyes, but its rich in zinc that helps the eyes stay healthy and lowers the risk of macular degeneration. Moreover, ostrich contains less than a third of the amount of fat in a lean beef, and much lower in cholesterol than chicken and other red meats.
6. Olive oil
The major reason why olive oil is so beneficial to your eyes is that it helps your body absorb nutrients from the other foods that can help keep your eyes healthy. So, drizzle olive oil over your mixed salad to absorb all of the nutrients from the tomatoes and leafy greens, and cook your sweet potatoes and meat in olive oil to get the most nutrients.
7. Turkey
One of the best and tasty foods to eat for healthy eyes is turkey. It is rich in both the B vitamin niacin and zinc and it is incredibly versatile. You can use it as a substitute for both beef and chicken. Plus, turkey is often more reasonably priced.
8. Tomatoes
Tomatoes are packed with carotenoids, including lycopene. Lycopene helps prevent light induced damage and the Vitamin C found in tomatoes helps to protect your vision. Tomatoes are also rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber.
9. Sweet potatoes
the last great food to eat for healthy eyes is sweet potatoes. Its the beta carotene you have to thank for helping to keep your eyes healthy when you eat sweet potatoes. I like sweet potatoes since they are very versatile. You can mash them, roast them, or even make them into chips and fries.
10. Oranges and eggs
If youre not a fan of leafy greens, that last slide may have been tough to swallow. Luckily, eggs and oranges are also a decent source of lutein and zeaxanthin. So expect a thank you from your eyes after every eggs and OJ breakfast.

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