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The Perot Provisional Stamp

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The Perot Provisional Stamp

The Perot Postmaster's Provisional of Bermuda is the first printed stamp of Bermuda. William Bennet Perot, the postmaster of the town of Hamilton, started this for the convenience of users. Perrot along with a friend came up with this idea since sometimes the postage in the mail was not enough and had to deliver the mails himself. He then wrote the words "1 penny" above the year on a stamp, and signed his name below. Thus a postage stamp was born.

Estimated Price : $115,000

Red Revenue Small One Dollar Surcharge
Canada s 12 Pence Black
Olive colored Queen Victoria s Head
Penny Black
India 10 Rupees Mahatma Gandhi
Postal Union Congress 1 Stamp
Post Office Mauritius
The Perot Provisional Stamp
Inverted Jenny
Bull s Eye
Scinde Dawk
Inverted Head Four Annas
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