common household items that could kill you

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Air Conditioners

Common Household Items That Could Kill You

Air Conditioners

On a hot summer day, A/C saves the day. But when it s leaking, it s a setup for refrigerant poisoning, which can cause heart palpitations, seizures, and can cut off oxygen to your lungs and cells, ultimately causing death, says?Heathline. It s mostly?appliance repairers or installers?that are at risk for the poisoning because they re around these cooling devices all day, which work by using Freon, a refrigerant substance that transforms from a liquid to an odorless gas (it s responsible for keeping your fridge cool, too). But they have protocols in place to stay safe, so if you notice a leaky A/C, be sure to skip the DIY and call a professional to get it repaired.

Air Conditioners
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