rules to play knee boarding

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Rules to play Knee Boarding


Make sure your equipment is in safe, serviceable condition. Foot bindings should be secure and free of sharp or protruding surfaces. Skis made of wood should be free of splinters or cracks in the lamination. Check the towline handles, lines, and connecting hooks for serviceability every season. Attach towlines only to proper fittings on the boat. Many skiers have been seriously injured in accidents resulting from the improper use of the tow boat or equipment. A towline in use can cut like a knife. For this reason, when more than one person is skiing, the towlines should be of equal length.

Tips for the Boat Operator
Speed Limits
Reride Time Limits
Event Boat Drivers
Operator Age
Ski Flag
The Observer
Time of Day
Where to Ski
Slalom Event Judges
Changes in Schedule of Events
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