benefits of durian

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High in beneficial fats

Benefits of Durian

High in beneficial fats

Like avocados and coconuts, durians belong to that rare group of fruits that contain large amounts of fat and calories. Specifically, one cup ofduriancontains 13 grams of fat (20 percent of our RDI) and a whopping 357 calories. Sadly, these facts often discourage people from eating or even trying durians since they believe they will cause weight gain and high cholesterol. In reality, however, the fats found in durians are the heartboosting monosaturated kind that lower powerbadpower LDL cholesterol, and as with other calorificfruits weight gain is usually caused by excessive consumption of them (eating a whole durian in one sitting, for instance, probably isnpowert a good idea).

Durian is a seasonal fruit
Good source of energy
For a healthy digestive system
For a better libido
Helps in Detoxification of blood
Relaxes nerves and muscles Magnesium 18%
History of Durian
Bone Health
Maintaining blood pressure levels
Interesting Durian Facts
sweet and buttery taste
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