smartphone photography tips and tricks

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Ditch The Flash

Smartphone Photography Tips and Tricks

Smartphone photography is now an art form, and here are some great tips.
Ditch The Flash

The problem with many smartphone flashes is that they dont actually, well, flash. Theyre glorified LED flashlights, thrust into a duty theyre not fully prepared for. They are bright, but the color temperature can be gross and they miss one of the primary duties of a strobe: freezing the action in the frame. The actual flash duration is much too long, so you end up with an image thats both blurry and terribly-lit. Not to mention how close it is to the lens, which makes those horrible demon eyes almost a given. So, what do you do in the dark, then? Unfortunately, even with advances like Nokias nifty PureView technology, theres only so far you can push a smartphone sensor in low-light. Often, your best bet is to seek out another light source. It likely wont be perfect or even flattering, but it can be interesting. In a dark bar? Look for a neon sign or a bright juke box. At a concert? Wait until one of the wacky swinging stage lights makes its way over to your area. Photography is about creativity after all.

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Ditch The Flash
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