tips for best student in the class

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Show Up Every Time

Tips for Best Student in the class

Here are the top tips you need to know on how to be the best student in your class.
Show Up Every Time

Make your classes your highest priority.If youve got children, I understand that this isnt always possible. Children should always come first. But if you dont show up for your classes, youre not getting that education we discussed in No. 1.Make sure youve got a good plan for seeing that your children are cared for when youre scheduled to be in class, and when you need to study. It really is possible to raise children while youre going to school. People do it every day.

Ask Questions
Use Time Wisely
Get your brain and body ready to learn
Neat handwriting is the key
Find a study buddy
Brush up on your presentation
Make people feel good not bad
Be Attentive
Study earlier
Attend All Your Classes
Stay on top of your work
Use One Planner
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