small things that can bring you joy

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Small Things That Can Bring You Joy

Small Things That Can Bring You Joy
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Perhaps the wisest of all Theodore Roosevelt s sayings was this: Comparison is the thief of joy. In this modern world saturated with social media outlets, the former president s words ring truer than ever. The more time you spend reading soandso s relationship status updatesor clicking through photo albums of somebody else s trip around the world, the more time you re spending zeroed in on the things other people have, or appear to have, that you don t.

Stop and Smell the Roses
Create Something Artistic
Play in the Dirt
Stop Procrastinating
Sing Your Heart Out
Dont Let Credit Card Bills Hang Over Your Head
Power Down Your Gadgets
Grow Your Own Vegetables
Dont Over Indulge
Organize Your Bedroom
Small Things That Can Bring You Joy
Go Outside
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