amazing natural places in the world

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The night sky

Amazing Natural Places in the World

The night sky

This is the most democratic of destinations, one that everyone can visit as Earth spins us around offering a perfect 360 degree view. All you need to do to enjoy the splendors of the night sky is to find some darkness and tilt back your head. The sights are many, from stars and galaxies to satellites and planets. Gazing at the moon all night might be enough, but add in eclipses, meteor showers, star clusters, nebulae and constellations ... and all without leaving the comfort of a lounge chair, you have perhaps the single most beautiful place in the world right in front of you: the entire universe!

Taktsang Palphug Monastery
Angkor Wat
Big Island
Great Barrier Reef Australia
Lavender fields of France
Fairy Pools
Cted Albtre France
Salar de Uyuni
Victoria Falls
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