amazing natural places in the world

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Mount Fuji

Amazing Natural Places in the World

Mount Fuji

While many of the world s most notable mountains are famed for their imposing drama, Japan s Mount Fuji is a departure from the norm. It doesn t brood; it s serene and contemplative which isn t to say that it doesn t have some personality. At 12,388 feet it is Japan s highest mountain; and although it hasn t erupted since 1707, it is still considered an active volcano. Yet it somehow manages to exude a sense of calm. And if ever a mountain were to be a muse, Mount Fuji would be it. For centuries its form has been a recurring theme in paintings, literature, gardens and other crafts. As UNESCO describes it, the mountain s perfect, snow capped conical form has inspired artists ... to produce images that transcended cultures, allowed the mountain to be known around the world, and had a profound influence on the development of Western art. It remains a potent and sacred symbol of Japan.

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