tips to succeed in sales

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Prospecting Timeline

Tips to succeed in Sales

The secret to success in sales lies in creating value for your customer.
Prospecting Timeline

At certain times in the year, most people are working hard to make their numbers. Yet, at the same time, many have no idea how long it takes to turn a prospect into a profitable customer. Creating a prospecting timeline can help benchmark past experiences and streamline future ones. Begin this process by examining a few recent customers, and then break down the key activities you went through.
Your goal should be to determine the specific activities that were the most time consuming, and then figure out a way to shorten the time spent on that particular step. Most people are amazed to find that a couple of activities take the majority of time. By knowing this, they can work to alter their selling process. Plan now so the upcoming year will be your best year ever.

Quiet Time
Pace yourself
Hand Written Business Cards
Keep a thick skin about rejection
Customers Goals
Umbrella Questions
Consider Your Layout
State the purpose of your call
Sales Advocates
Prospecting Timeline
Never Give 100 percent
Have you Learned Something New
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