benefits of capers

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Benefits of Capers


The caper bush has been introduced as a specialized culture in some European countries in the last four decades. The economic importance of the caper plant led to a significant increase in both the area under cultivation and production levels during the late 1980s. The main production areas are in harsh environments found in Morocco, the southeastern Iberian Peninsula, Turkey, and the Italian islands of Pantelleria and Salina. This species has developed special mechanisms to survive in the Mediterranean conditions, and introduction in semiarid lands may help to prevent the disruption of the equilibrium of those fragile ecosystems.

Rheumatism Relief
Capers are a distinctive ingredient
Vitamin K
Capers Nutritional Value
Promotes Hair Growth
Capers can be grown easily
Antioxidant Powers
How does it work
Help in high blood pressure
Mineral Mine
Leaves and flower buds
Relieves Flatulence
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