spookiest abandoned places

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Disneys Discovery Island Lake Buena Vista Florida

Spookiest Abandoned Places

See the spookiest abandoned places on earth. You'll be amazed these places even exist.
Disneys Discovery Island Lake Buena Vista Florida

Formerly a Disney wildlife attraction, rumor has it that it was closed down when deadly bacteria was found in the surrounding water.

Bannerman Castle Pollepel Island New York
Disneys Discovery Island Lake Buena Vista Florida
An Abandoned Mill Sorrento Italy
City Hall Station New York City
Aniva Rock Lighthouse Sakhalinskaya Oblast Russia
Underwater City Shicheng China
Pripyat Ukraine
Willard Asylum Willard New York
Wreck of the SS America Fuerteventura Canary Islands
El Hotel del Salto Colombia
Chateau Miranda Celles Belgium
Michigan Central Station Detroit Michigan
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