tips for success in group discussions

Generate supportive data

Tips for success in Group Discussions

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Generate supportive data

Use facts and illustrations in the Group Discussion (GD) to add value. However, be very sure of the validity of any statistic you quote. If you mention a wrong figure, someone else in the group could point out the mistake. If that doesn't happen, the evaluators might notice the mistake. A fact or a statistic cannot be an argument in itself. It can only support a point you are making. So do not quote a fact and let it land follow it up with some sort of inference or conclusion that can be drawn from it.

Make Sure you Read Widely
Allow others to speak
Acquire and apply knowledge
Work on your Communication Skills
Try and Maintain a Balance in your Tone
Listen to the Topic Given During GD Carefully
Interjecting in a discussion with a question
Be assertive not aggressive
Positive attitude
Try to take the initiative
Listen carefully to others
Never be rigid in group discussions
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