tips for success in group discussions

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Listening Skills are Essential

Tips for success in Group Discussions

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Listening Skills are Essential

Carefully listen to what others have to say. Just speaking throughout the discussion doesn?t make you smart, you should also give others a chance to speak. Try and listen to him/her, respect their view point too. If the speaker is making an eye-contact with you remember to acknowledge him by saying ?yes, you agree? or just by nodding your head, so that the speaker is aware that his listeners are listening to him and paying full attention. This will also show that you are vigilant and are an active participant in the discussion.

Make Sure you Read Widely
Take care of your dressing as well
Formal dressing
Be alert always
Work on your Communication Skills
Initiate the GD
Enter by increasing volume
Speak confidently
Try and Maintain a Balance in your Tone
Generate supportive data
Enter after a person has made his point
Adequate matter
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