tips for success in group discussions

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Enter the lows

Tips for success in Group Discussions

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Enter the lows

GDs are peculiar in the sense that move like a wave, and have their highs and lows. As an educated GD participant, you are advised to note these patterns, and whenever you find that the noise levels have reduced, that is your moment to enter the GDs. But do remember, at times, you would never get such a chance , and if in the first few minutes of the GD, you observe that there are no lows, you would be left with no choice but to barge your way in .

Be alert always
Make sure to bring the discussion on track
Enter after a person has made his point
Try and Maintain a Balance in your Tone
Body Gestures are very Important
Speak politely and pleasantly
Listen to the Topic Given During GD Carefully
Acquire and apply knowledge
Quality of content
Enter by increasing volume
Choose Magazines that are Rich in Content
Work on your Communication Skills
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