myth about allergies

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Allergies are essentially a harmless problem

Myth about Allergies

An allergy is a hypersensitivity disorder of the immune system. Symptoms include red eyes etc.
Allergies are essentially a harmless problem

Allergies and Asthma affect 1:5 people. Numerically this is more than heart disease, diabetes, and cancer combined (see for alarming statistics on the growing direct and indirect costs of asthma and allergies). If left untreated, allergies can lead to impaired quality of life, including sleep disturbances and missed days of school or work.

Artificial Dyes Cause Allergies and ADHD in Children
Short haired pets are better for people with pet allergies
Allergies arent Genetic
Inhaled medications containing steroids are dangerous
You Build Resistance to Medication
Allergies are essentially a harmless problem
Allergies are a harmless problem
I have gluten allergy
I m allergic to foods that don t agree with me
Allergy shots don t work
Allergies are a fad and theyre not dangerous
You can t be allergic to organic food
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