rules to play bull fighting

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Rules to play Bull Fighting


Bull fighting in Spain is an event in which 3 toreros have to fight 2 bulls each and, ultimately, kill them. A bullfight is always held in a roundshape arena or venue called plaza de toros. The toreros perform in order of seniority, which is set according to the date of each toreros alternativa. For obvious reasons, the senior one will participate in the first and fourth fights. Then, the second oldest matador will confront the second and fifth bulls. Finally, the least experienced will fight in third and sixth place. If a matador is gored or injured in any way that prevents him to continue, the senior matador must replace him and complete the fight.

The final degradation
The assistant matadors
Toro embolado
Arguments in defence of bullfighting
Course landaise
The fight
End bullfighting
The myth
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