fastest vehicles known to the human race

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Blue Flame

Fastest Vehicles Known To The Human Race

Fastest Vehicles Known To The Human Race
Blue Flame

The Blue Flame found its way into the record books on Utahs Bonneville Salt Flats on October 23, 1970, with a top speed of 630.388 miles per hour. The Blue Flame used a combination of hightest peroxide and liquefied natural gas to power its rocket engines. Built in Milwaukee by Reaction Dynamics, the project received backing from the American Gas Association and Institute of Gas Technology, leading to its unique fuel mix. The Blue Flame now resides in the Sinsheim Auto and Technik Museum in Germany.

Manned space vehicle
Blue Flame
Production tank
Production car
Steam train
Wheeled train
Blue Bird
Manned rocket sled
Human powered vehicle
Railton Mobil Special
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