rules to play racquetball

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Know about fault serves

Rules to play Racquetball

Know about fault serves

There are certain serves which should be avoided by players. These serves can result in a hand out (the player losing the serve). Two fault serves are necessary to result in a hand out.Foot fault when a player steps outside of the service zone before the ball has crossed the line. Short serve when the ball hits the front wall but bounces off the floor before crossing the line.Three wall serve this occurs when the ball hits the front wall but then bounces off of both side walls before hitting the ground.Ceiling serve when the ball hits the front wall and bounces off of the ceiling.Long serve when the ball hits the front wall and bounces to hit the back wall before hitting the ground.Screen serve this is when the ball is served in such a way that it returns so close to the server that the other players cannot see the ball.First serve can be decided by a coin toss, order of the previous match (first serve should go to player who did not have first serve in the previous game), by simple agreement, or any other method of the players choosing.

Playing the Game
Get players
Illegal Racquet
Gather equipment
Starting Play
Prepare your body
Rally with your opponent
Shot types
Practice your strokes
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