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Extended Warranties

Overpriced Technologies

Extended Warranties

This time, it really depends on the product on wither or not an extended warranty would be worth it. For some products it is a good deal but for others it isn t. Of course, the first thing you have to do is weight the price of the plan with the cost of the product. Will you just want to replace the item down the road should something happen or fix it? For mobile devices, laptops and phones, more often than not extending the warranty is a worthwhile investment. Mobile devices take far more abuse than their home bound counterparts, There is always the danger of a mobile device being dropped, banged up, or otherwise damaged. If the warranty covers accidental damage, you will be fine should something unfortunate happen while out and about. For home bound items, it factors more into how likely it is for the item to break. When you look at reviews, take note of failure rates. Is the company well known for making quality products? How often does reviewers say the product is breaking down and for what reasons? The answers to these questions will tell you if an extended warranty is a money waster or a money saver.

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