rules to play racquetball

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Practice your strokes

Rules to play Racquetball

Practice your strokes

Depending on your grip style, you will use the according stroke (or method of hitting the ball). Different strokes achieve different ball movements and should be used as is appropriate. The stance for both is similar knees should be bent and loose, legs should be placed a shoulder width apart, and torso should be parallel with the side walls.Forehand stroke. This should be done similar to a baseball swing, with one knee lowering to the ground but not touching. Remember to try to keep your swing level.Backhand stroke. This stroke is done with the racquet beginning near your head, swinging forward around your body and ending behind you.

Prepare your body
Shot types
Get your grip straight
Get players
Racquet Length
Know about fault serves
Avoid out serves
Practice your strokes
Gather equipment
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