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Do Band Pull Aparts

Healthy Shoulder

Do Band Pull Aparts

Simply grab a medium strength band hold it out in front of you and try to rip it apart. Pull it out all the way so that your arms are straight out to your sides (while maintaining a very slight bend in them throughout) like a T and squeeze your shoulder blades together for 30 60 seconds. Hitting a few sets of these to strengthen your upper back and prevent injuries is a great way to finish off your upper body day. Heck, they take so little out of you because there is no eccentric, that they can be done upwards of 5 6 times per week if need be.

Dont Do Excessively Heavy Weighted Chin Ups
Eliminate the Eccentric Component of Olympic Lifts by Dropping the Bar
Initiate Each Rep on Curls With a Slight Cheat
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Do Band Pull Aparts
Never Bench Press With a Wide Grip
Begin the First Rep of Any Set of Military Presses with a Slight Leg Drive
Use a Swiss Bar Instead of Straight Bar for Horizontal Pressing
Dont Squat With a Low Bar Placement
Do Kettlebell Snatches
Use a Sled for Explosive Pulls Instead
Dont do Incline Curls at an Angle Any Lower Than 60 Degrees
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