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Dont Go Excessively Heavy On Rowing Exercises

Healthy Shoulder

Dont Go Excessively Heavy On Rowing Exercises

All the same things that apply to heavy chins apply to heavy rows, although I think the heavy rows are slightly less dangerous and would be more likely to increase loading on those before chin ups. Over time, however, you will find that a lot really heavy low rep rowing starts to yank away at that shoulder pretty good and can lead to long term damage. Again, best to keep the weights a little lighter and the reps a little higher on these types of exercises. This advice doesnt necessarily apply to beginners but when you get stronger this is something that you might want to heed.I prefer to have my guys do their heavy pulling in the form of deadlifts.

Work your way up to heavy weights
Do Dips on Gymnastics Rings Instead of Parallel Bars
Dont do Curls on the Same Day You Do Heavy Pressing
Practice Handstand Holds
Do Vertical Pressing Before Horizontal Pressing
Use a Sled for Explosive Pulls Instead
Never Bench Press With a Wide Grip
Dont Do Excessively Heavy Weighted Chin Ups
Dont do Incline Curls at an Angle Any Lower Than 60 Degrees
Know Your Limits
Dont Squat With a Low Bar Placement
Include more horizontal pulling movements in your training
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