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Swap Out Bench Presses For Low Incline Presses

Healthy Shoulder

Swap Out Bench Presses For Low Incline Presses

Most regular readers know by now that Im not a huge fan of the flat bench press. But I do like having big barbell movements in the program as indicator lifts. The low inline press, with the bench set to somewhere between fifteen and thirty degrees was a favorite chest exercise of six time Mr. Olympia, Dorian Yates. This variation hits the pecs more effectively and is less stressful on the shoulder. Even better is the low incline press with the Swiss Bar.

Do Vertical Pressing Before Horizontal Pressing
Dont do Curls on the Same Day You Do Heavy Pressing
Do More Pushups
Dont Do Excessively Heavy Weighted Chin Ups
Practice Handstand Holds
Dont Bench Like A Bodybuilder
Always Keep Your Shoulder Blades Fully Squeezed Together During Horizontal Pressing Movements
Do Dips on Gymnastics Rings Instead of Parallel Bars
Do Kettlebell Snatches
Never Bench Press With a Wide Grip
Know Your Limits
At the End of Each Set of Military Presses You Do Hold the Bar in the Top Position
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