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Walk on Your Hands

Healthy Shoulder

Walk on Your Hands

Once you get comfortable with handstands start walking laterally along the wall with your feet still in contact with it. Eventually, once you master your handstands you can start walking without the wall. In the meantime, slap a Power Wheel on your feet and walk up and down the gym floor or across a field. A great goal to shoot for is being able to walk 100 yards on your hands. You can make hand walking even more challenging by doing Alligator pushups with the Power Wheel . Any type of dynamic range of motion exercise like this that has you moving positions on each rep is great for strengthening the shoulders.

Dont Go Excessively Heavy On Rowing Exercises
Check your overhead position
Swap Out Bench Presses For Low Incline Presses
Use a Swiss Bar Instead of Straight Bar for Horizontal Pressing
Do Kettlebell Snatches
Never Bench Press With a Wide Grip
Dont Do Excessively Heavy Weighted Chin Ups
Do Kettlebell Turkish Get Ups
Know Your Limits
Always Keep Your Shoulder Blades Fully Squeezed Together During Horizontal Pressing Movements
Include more horizontal pulling movements in your training
Dont do Curls on the Same Day You Do Heavy Pressing
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