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Dont Do Excessively Heavy Weighted Chin Ups

Healthy Shoulder

Dont Do Excessively Heavy Weighted Chin Ups

Each year I get more and more down on heavy, weighted chins. They just seem to lead to too many injuries and shoulder problems. In the past Id had guys do weighted chins for three reps. Nowadays I would never go below a 6RM weight on weighted chins in most cases simply because the injury risk is too high. Theres just too much stress on the shoulder when youre hanging from the bar with a bunch of plates around your waist.And from a hypertrophy perspective, most people seem to turn a good lat exercise into a shitty biceps exercise when they start loading chins.Now, dont get me wrong. Some people can do weighted chins with no problems. If you can do ten reps with perfect form and a 45 pound plate around your waist more power to you. Id stick in that rep range and, again, never really go below six reps. If you want to do triples make sure its for a multiple sets with a six rep weight.But if your shoulders are a bit questionable youre definitely not one of the guys who can or should do weighted chins. Youd be better off keeping the volume up and progressing by adding more total weekly volume over time.

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