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Warm up Your Shoulders

Healthy Shoulder

Warm up Your Shoulders

The shoulders are involved in a large variety of exercises and movements. Duh! So, it would only make sense that you warm them up appropriately before engaging in any activity, right? Im sure that you already warm them up before you do your shoulder day workout, but do you do it before your squat workout? Well, you should. If you want to get those shoulders back far enough to get good bar placement, you need to warm those shoulders up.

Do Kettlebell Turkish Get Ups
Use a Sled for Explosive Pulls Instead
Dont go Excessively Heavy On Curls
Practice Handstand Holds
Do Vertical Pressing Before Horizontal Pressing
Use a Swiss Bar Instead of Straight Bar for Horizontal Pressing
Dont Go Excessively Heavy On Rowing Exercises
Do Dips on Gymnastics Rings Instead of Parallel Bars
Dont Squat With a Low Bar Placement
Never Bench Press With a Wide Grip
Include more horizontal pulling movements in your training
Initiate Each Rep on Curls With a Slight Cheat
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