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Dont Bench Like A Bodybuilder

Healthy Shoulder

Dont Bench Like A Bodybuilder

What Dont bench like a bodybuilder Ever wonder why so many guys/girls get hurt bench pressing It is because they bench press in a bodybuilding style. The bench press can actually be pretty safe if you stabilize the movement by benching like a powerlifter. What does that mean? Bench with your elbows tucked in at about a 45 degree angle. The bodybuilding style is when the Humerus creates an L shape with the torso. It will take a bit of getting used to but the pay off in the end is shoulders that dont ache and a big bench press.

Dont Go Excessively Heavy On Rowing Exercises
Check your overhead position
Dont do Incline Curls at an Angle Any Lower Than 60 Degrees
Dont go Excessively Heavy On Curls
Use a Swiss Bar Instead of Straight Bar for Horizontal Pressing
Do Band Pull Aparts
Dont Bench Like A Bodybuilder
Begin the First Rep of Any Set of Military Presses with a Slight Leg Drive
Work your way up to heavy weights
Dont Do Excessively Heavy Weighted Chin Ups
Do Kettlebell Turkish Get Ups
Swap Out Bench Presses For Low Incline Presses
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