rules to play checkers

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Jump your opponents checkers

Rules to play Checkers

Jump your opponents checkers

You can jump your opponents checkers or make a capturing move if your checker is located just one diagonal space behind your opponents checker, so that you would still move forward to capture the piece. To capture the piece, just jump over it by moving two diagonal spaces in the same direction, effectively hopping over your opponents checker. Once you capture the checker, you can take it off the board.

If you have the opportunity to jump your opponents checker, then you have to take it. If you have the opportunity to jump your opponents checker in multiple parts of the board, then you can choose which checkers youd like to jump. If youre capturing a checker, you can still only move forward once. But if the new position you land in gives you a direct opportunity to capture another checker, then you can keep going until you cant jump any more of your opponents checkers.

The Board
How the game ends
Take turns moving the checkers
Focus on the kings
Jump your opponents checkers
Watch an expert
Win or Draw
Touching Pieces
First Move
Conduct of Spectators
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