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Naming of Candy

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Naming of Candy

For this you need
About 6 different candies that have given names like M&Ms, Crunch, Wrigleys , etc. 1 Die (or 2 dice if the crowd is very large)Everyone is seated on the floor in a circle. Packaged candy bars or candy are placed in the middle of the circle. Everyone starts by saying their own names. The leader then makes sure that everyone knows what candy is in the middle. someone begins by rolling the dice. If they roll a 6, they can take one of the candies in the middle. The die continues to go quickly around the circle while people keep picking up candy. When all of the candies are taken, people then can get other peoples candy.In order to get their candy, they must state the persons first name and the name of the candy they hold. The person who rolls a 6 and matches the name of the candy and the person takes the others candy. If they forget either name, they miss their turn and the dice goes to the next person and they continue to roll. (One person can get more than one candy and people can hide the candy behind their back). This is a great way of getting to know peoples name and how to get your favorite candies.

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