healthy hair

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Comb conditioner from the harsh chemicals

Healthy Hair

Comb conditioner from the harsh chemicals

When you finish with your swim, rinse with 1/4 cup apple cider mixed with 3/4 cup water to help cleanse hair, recommends Susie Galvez, author of Hello Beautiful: 365 Ways to Be Even More Beautiful, then follow with more conditioner. Do the same before hitting the beach.

lemon juice on your hair
To keep your hair bouncy and healthy
Wrap wet hair gently in a towel
Never flat iron wet hair
Use one part apple cider vinegar
Use styling gel correctly
Shampoo gray hair blue colored shampoo
drops of favorite fragrance into hair
Bathe your hair in botanical oils
Comb conditioner from the harsh chemicals
Only spritz three times with hair spray
Men If youre going bald go short
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