rules to play checkers

Touching Pieces

Rules to play Checkers

Touching Pieces

Before the first move is made, either player can adjust the position of any piece on the board. After the first move, no player can adjust any piece without intimation. In other words, you just need to say youre going to adjust a piece before you do it. The player who adjusts a piece without intimation can be warned for the first offence, but will forfeit the game on the second offence. If the player whose move it is touches a piece that can be played, the player must move that piece or forfeit the game. If any part of a playable piece is moved over the angle of its square, the piece must be played in that direction. When the players hand is withdrawn from the board, the move is ended.

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Sit across from your opponent
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Dont play defensively
Touching Pieces
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