animation tips and tricks

Loosen up when animating contact

Animation Tips and Tricks

Animation Tips and Tricks
Loosen up when animating contact

Avoid keying the whole body at the point contact occurs. On most actions, particularly faster ones, the instant of contact wont be captured on 24fps film. More importantly, youll bias the movement towards culminating at the moment of contact, flattening your arcs. If a character picks up a glass, the arm is the stronger force. Animate the hand going through the glass, overshooting the contact point while staying on nice arcs. Now correct the glass position and constraining of the glass, to make up for the moment of contact missed between frames.

Animation for Beginners
Education Tips
Animate acting shots one phrase at a time
Mess up your physical work
Learn proper motion blurring techniques
Loosen up when animating contact
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Planning your story
Basic Animation Tips
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