rules to play checkers

Conduct of Players

Rules to play Checkers

Conduct of Players
After it is decided who makes the first move, neither player is allowed to leave the board without the permission from the other player. Pike, p. 144, says that the referee needs to give permission. If a player leaves, that player may be accompanied by the other player, the referee, or a designee.

Neither player is allowed to distract the other. Examples include making signs or sounds, pointing, and unnecessary delays when moving a piece that has been touched. Pike, p. 144, says that players are allowed to smoke, but care must be exercised not to blow smoke across the board. A player who annoys the other player must be warned. On the second offense, the player forfeits the game.

Touching Pieces
Focus on the kings
Watch an expert
Game Draw Rule
Taking a Turn
Starting position
Conduct of Players
King your pieces
Know when to sacrifice your pieces
Dont forget to block
Take turns moving the checkers
Keep practicing
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