portrait photography tips for beginners

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Stop re living your mistakes

Portrait Photography tips for Beginners

Stop re living your mistakes

This takes discipline, but it will probably help to advance your portrait photography more than all of these other tips combined. After every shoot, instead of just throwing away the shots that don t look good, sit down and study every single one. Photographers have a bad habit of only studying their good shots, but looking at the bad ones and forcing yourself to determine why it doesn t look good can help you to prevent that mistake from happening again. Tip from Levi Moore on our Facebook page.

Use natural reflectors
Use windows as a giant softbox
Get that model release
Watch for elastics
Don t delete photos in camera
Photos weren t made to be bits
Learn the lingo when working with models
Pay it forward
Contrast clothing and location
Never allow the model to wait on you
NEVER use the on camera flash
Over expose
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