portrait photography tips for beginners

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Don t be a DSLR snob

Portrait Photography tips for Beginners

Don t be a DSLR snob

I know you can get a better picture with your DSLR than your cell or your point and shoot, but don t miss the opportunity to catch a great expression or a great moment just because you don t have your DSLR with you. Shoot it with whatever you have.

Use a polarizer to minimize reflections on glasses
You re missing out on half of your model
Try a silhouette
Spacing is key for group portraits
Try high key or low key lighting
KISS your model
When shooting group portraits try to get the heads uneven
Fill the frame
Try out electronic model releases for simplicity
Raise that light for stunning catch lights
Predict how people will interact when shooting candids
The worst way to get a candid expression from your subject
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