portrait photography tips for beginners

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Artificially light your subject naturally

Portrait Photography tips for Beginners

Artificially light your subject naturally

Some of my favorite portraits use light sources other than outdoor lighting or flash. There are many other natural light sources that you can use to get a dramatic mood, such as a person holding a candle near their face, or being lit by the light that comes off a computer screen in the dark, etc. This type of lighting sets a mood that can t be recreated any other way.

Be yourself and shoot what you love
If you accidentally use a bit too much flash it can be fixed in post
The worst way to get a candid expression from your subject
Don t cheat yourself into thinking that you can make a great portrait without great lighting
Don t be a DSLR snob
Get a vertical battery grip
Learn the famous S pose
Use the correct side of the reflector
You re missing out on half of your model
It doesn t all have to be perfect and pretty
Use backdrops creatively
When shooting for clients write their name on a sticky note and put it on the back of your camera
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