portrait photography tips for beginners

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Photos weren t made to be bits

Portrait Photography tips for Beginners

Photos weren t made to be bits

It isn t always convenient to print photos, but I have found that few things help to motivate me than seeing some of my photos printed large on my wall. Make a few prints of your portraits and you ll be more motivated to keep going. Also, it helps you to keep thinking about the picture every time you see it so you can improve it a little bit the next time. Tip from Doug Williams.

Use the right tool for the job
Spot metering is your friend
If you accidentally use a bit too much flash it can be fixed in post
Ditch the light stand and use a broom handle instead
Whip out the CTO
Wait for a cloudy day
Try high key or low key lighting
Use the correct focus mode
Use a polarizer to minimize reflections on glasses
Contrast clothing and location
Get out of the model s face
Know how to direct the client to give the look you want
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