healthy elbow

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Inject your own blood platelets to boost healing

Healthy Elbow

Inject your own blood platelets to boost healing

This popular blood spinning procedure has been shown to be much more effective vs. cortisone at twoyear follow up and recently was shown to be 84 percent effective in the worlds largest multicenter placebo controlled clinical trial for plateletrich plasma (PRP). This therapy is best for chronic nonhealing tendons, as results may take 46 months for healing to occur. Most cases of tennis elbow will self resolve within two years, but these seven tips can help speed the process to get you back on the court or, more likely, back on the keyboard.

Elbow Pain Treatment
Swap The Barbell For Dumbbells
elbow designed function
Stretch Your Elbow and Wrist Flexors
Elbow Pain Symptoms
Start the Countdown
Avoid repeated cortisone injections
Receive deep tissue work or massage to improve blood flow
Limit Arm Isolation Exercises
Home stretching exercises
Keep Them Clean
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