portrait photography tips for beginners

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Photograph the subject in their native environment

Portrait Photography tips for Beginners

Photograph the subject in their native environment

Some people just don t belong in a studio. They feel awkward and it shows in camera. So instead of forcing Grandpa into the Walmart Photo Studio, let him go to work in his workshop and photograph him doing what he loves. Instead of tears and tantrums when you try to dress up your child all pretty for studio punishment, let him

Superglue your camera to your hand
Learn the lingo when working with models
Find interesting looking models
If you are going to crop it give it a full amputation
Artificially light your subject naturally
Get a vertical battery grip
Bring a cheap romance novel to the shoot
Spot metering is your friend
Contrast clothing and location
Make a list and check it twice
Learn the famous S pose
Never shoot kids or babies from your normal standing height
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