portrait photography tips for beginners

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Use the correct side of the reflector

Portrait Photography tips for Beginners

Use the correct side of the reflector

5 in 1 reflectors are both cheap and incredibly useful for portrait photography. Still, most photographers buy one and have no idea when to use the different sides. You canread more about what side of the reflector to use, but the basic idea is that the translucent side goes between the sun and the model, the white side is for use in studio or bright light, the silver side is for low light or when you need a lot of light, the black side is to subtract light and cause a shadow, and the gold side is useful for warm shots like sunsets.

Spot metering is your friend
Superglue your camera to your hand
Make a list and check it twice
Put three photos in a row
Stop the waving and smiling
You re missing out on half of your model
The worst way to get a candid expression from your subject
Compose and then focus rather than focusing and re composing
If you haven t yet learned your lesson pay attention to the background
When taking a portrait of a group always focus on the closest person to the camera
Get out of the model s face
Soften your on camera flash
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