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Standing Bent Knee Hip Adductor Stretch

Fitness Stretching

Standing Bent Knee Hip Adductor Stretch

Hip Stretches:

Stand upright with the legs more than shoulder-width apart and the left foot turned out. Lower the body (hips) to a half-squatting position, bending the right knee and sliding the left foot outward to the left to keep the left knee straight. While going down, place the hands on the top of the right knee for support and balance (or hold on to an object for balance).

Affected Body Part:
Most-stretched muscles: Left gracilis, left adductor magnus, left adductor longus, left adductor brevis, left pectineus, middle and lower part of left sartorius, left semitendinosus, left semimembranosus.
Lesser-stretched muscles: Medial side left gastrocnemius and left soleus, left flexor digitorum longus.

Keep the trunk as straight as possible. It is more comfortable to rest the left foot on the inside of the foot. To increase the stretch, bend the trunk to the right and press the right thigh down with both hands at the same time.

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