most cruel rulers ever in history

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Attila The Hun

Most Cruel Rulers Ever in History

Attila The Hun

Attila (Attila the Hun), was the ruler of the Huns from 434 to 453. He was leader of the Hunnic Empire, which stretched from the Ural River to the Rhine River and from the Danube River to the Baltic Sea. He was considered as one of the history`s greatest villains. In much of Western Europe, he is remembered as the epitome of cruelty and rapacity. He crossed the Danube twice and plundered the Balkans, but was unable to take Constantinople. He also attempted to conquer Roman Gaul (France), crossing the Rhine in 451 and marching as far as Aurelianum (Orleans) before being defeated at the Battle of the Catalaunian Plains.Subsequently he invaded Italy, devastating the northern provinces, but was unable to take Rome. He planned for further campaigns against the Romans. He returned in 452 to claim his marriage to Honoria anew, invading and ravaging Italy along the way. Attila drowned in his own blood on his wedding night. He died in the early months of 453.

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