rules to play bank pool

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Bank Pool Break Shot

Rules to play Bank pool

Bank Pool Break Shot

The opening break shot is considered to be a free shot. If any balls are pocketed on the break, they are spotted and the breaker remains at the table. If nothing is made, the breakers inning is over.
The players may flip a coin or lag for the first break. For games that follow, the winner of the previous rack has the option of breaking in the following rack. Players my elect to have the break alternate between players regardless of which player won the previous rack. Any object balls pocketed on the break entitle the shooter to continue their inning, but they are not scored for the breaker. Instead, they are held for spotting at the end of the breakers inning. If the breaker fails to meet legal breaking requirements, the opposing player has the option to start play where the balls lie or require their opponent to rebreak. There is no further penalty unless a foul or scratch occurs.
With full rack banks, all fifteen balls are tightly racked in the standard triangle formation. On the opening break the cue ball may contact any ball first, but after contact, at least two object balls must contact a cushion. With nineball banks, any nine balls are tightly racked in the standard nineball diamond formation. On the opening break the head ball must be struck first, driving at least one object ball past the side pockets.
In any multiplayer ring game the break rotates in the same order in which the players shoot. Every time the break completes a cycle through all the players, where each player has broken one rack, then a new shooting and breaking order is determined. Likewise, if any players enter or exit the game, a new shooting and breaking order is determined at such a time.

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