rules to play bank pool

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Rules to play Bank pool


Unless otherwise announced by the tournament director, Bank Pool is played according to the World General Rules 1.16.1, cue ball fouls only. In the event that a player accidentally moves a ball, the opponent may elect to have the disturbed ball remain in its new position or be restored to its original position. When balls are restored, they shall be placed as close as possible to their original positions, with no advantage to be gained by the offending player. If no official is available to restore disturbed balls, then the players must come to agreement on satisfactory replacement of the disturbed balls prior to continuing play. If a player fouls in three successive innings they loose the game.
Any scratch or foul ends the shooters inning, and a penalty of one ball is charged. If a called ball is pocketed on the same stroke, that ball is forfeited also. If the shooter has no legally scored balls to their credit, they owe a ball for each such offense, which is paid as necessary by spotting at the end of the first inning or innings in which they legally score.
It is a foul to jump the cue ball off the table. There is no penalty for an object ball jumping off the table; any such balls are simply spotted at the end of the shooters inning.
Following any pocket scratch or the cue ball jumping the table, the incoming shooter has ball in hand behind the head string. If there are no object balls below the head string, the ball nearest the head string is spotted. If two or more balls are equally close to the head string then the highest numbered ball is spotted.
Following any other foul, the incoming shooter must shoot from where the cue ball lies. However, if the acting official rules that a player has used an illegal technique to direct the cue ball or any object balls to a more desirable location, then the incoming player has the option of either playing the balls where they lie, or requesting the official to restore all such moved balls to their location prior to the illegal maneuver. The offending player is charged the standard one ball foul penalty, and in addition may be further penalized at the discretion of the acting official under the general rules of unsportsmanlike conduct.

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