benefits of saffron

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Colouring and perfumery

Benefits of Saffron

Colouring and perfumery

Saffron has been used as a fabric dye, particularly in China and India. It is in the long run an?unstable?colouring agent; the imparted vibrant orange-yellow hue quickly fades to a pale and creamy yellow.the saffron stamens yield a luminous yellow-orange; increasing the applied saffron concentration will give fabric of increasingly rich shades of red. Clothing dyed with saffron was traditionally reserved for the noble classes, implying that saffron played a ritualised and status-keying role.

Treatment of Dry Skin
Removes suntan
Medicinal uses
Anti depressant
Disease prevention
Saffron purifies the blood
Colouring and perfumery
Cardiovascular effects
Premenstrual Syndrome
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