salaries of wwe superstars

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Randy Orton Dollar 1Point 6 million

Salaries of WWE Superstars

Top Salaries of WWE Superstars in 2015.
Randy Orton Dollar 1Point 6 million

Randy Orton looks like he was made in a lab designed specifically for wrestling. He works far better as a heel and its rumored he thinks so as well. He stands like a heel should never completely straight always a little shifty. He comes from a wrestling lineage and was obviously well liked by management but he made the most of a great opportunity and came a long way with a lot of hard work. He deserves to be in this spot.

Chris Jericho Dollar 974000
Ryback Dollar 665000
Titus ONeil Dollar 335050
Roman Reigns Dollar 245 000
Bray Wyatt Dollar 254200
Kane Dollar 905000
Triple H Dollar 2 Point 12 million
Kofi Kingston Dollar 354200
Bad News Barrett Dollar 445000
Randy Orton Dollar 1Point 6 million
The Undertaker Dollar 2 Point 25 million
Sheamus Dollar 1Point 3 million
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