salaries of wwe superstars

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Kofi Kingston Dollar 354200

Salaries of WWE Superstars

Top Salaries of WWE Superstars in 2015.
Kofi Kingston Dollar 354200

Kofi has been a reliable worker who has produced some of the most exciting athletic spots the WWE has ever seen. Hes experienced great success in tag and mid card singles winning 10

Bray Wyatt Dollar 254200
Chris Jericho Dollar 974000
The Undertaker Dollar 2 Point 25 million
Zack Ryder Dollar 535000
Miz Dollar 712000
Christian Dollar 595000
Jack Swagger Dollar 275000
Brock Lesnar Dollar 2 million
John Cena Dollar 2 Point 75 million
Sheamus Dollar 1Point 3 million
Titus ONeil Dollar 335050
Seth Rollins Dollar 310000
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