most reliable cars in history

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Jaguar XJ6

Most Reliable Cars in History

Jaguar XJ6

Model years: 19951997 ,This pick caused a lot of browfurrowing among experts we spoke to. If you want to make friends, you dont want to recommend that, cautioned Bob Merlis of Feral Cars. Heres our thinking: During the 1970s, Jaguar reliability was horrid. A common solution to the cars troubles was to rip out the Jaguar motor and replace it with a good old Chevrolet V8. But in the 1980s, under the leadership of an industrial turnaround specialist, Sir John Egan, the marque started to improve. Then Ford bought the company, infusing money and development knowhow. By the late 1990s, the company was scoring well on J.D. Power vehicle dependability and initial quality rankings. So thats why the last iteration of the classic Jaguar inline6 sedan is still motoring on, often in the hands of a second owner whos always hankered for a Jag but couldnt afford one new. With these cars almost 20 years old now, its death by a thousand cuts rather than catastrophic failure, says Mark Stephenson, a site administrator for But mechanically, the 199597 Jaguar XJ6s are the most reliable cars Jaguar has ever produced. When it comes to the basic function of getting you down the road, they refuse to die. For aspiring owners, the usual cautions still apply: Find a Jaguar specialist, and check out JagLovers buyers resource to be a better problem spotter.

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Most Reliable Cars in History
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