ancient theaters

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Ancient Theaters

Ancient Theaters

Theater has been considered the most significant form of art, which included elements of poetry.
Ancient Theaters

Delphi is an important site in Ancient Greek religion, among the other structures of today like the Temple of Apollo, the Treasury of Athenians, and the stadia. Created to give the view of the sanctuary and shades of the surrounding landscape beyond the theater, this was built in fourth century B.C. The theater believed to accomodate about five thousand people now remains in a flaky condition even after numerous restoration attempts.

The Roman Theater of Orange
The Theater of Dionysus
The Roman Theater of Amman
The Theater of Side
The Roman Theater of Bosra
The Theater of Merida
The Greek Theater of Taormina
The Odeon of Herodes Atticus
Ancient Theaters
The Theater of Epidaurus
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