tips to success in mat exam

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Attempt fist five questions well

Tips to success in MAT Exam

GMAT preparation tips and success stories earlier.
Attempt fist five questions well

The initial few questions in GMAT exam determine the level of question you are going to handle in the exam. Once you attempt the initial few questions the computer will automatically adjust the range of question to fine tune your score. So it is really important that you will give right kind of replies to your first five questions which might prove decisive for your exam. Always cross check your answers before moving to next page and section.

The first 10 questions are very important
Write down unknown prep questions
Adapt to the computer
Do Math
Review your maths
Read This Blog
Take economics and statistics in college
Read each question carefully and thoroughly
What is MAT
Familiarise yourself with the test structure
Practice taking tests within stipulated time
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