tips to success in mat exam

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Keep your eye on the time

Tips to success in MAT Exam

GMAT preparation tips and success stories earlier.
Keep your eye on the time

Careful time management is critical to completing each section of the exam. Once you start the test, an onscreen clock display will count down the remaining time; check the clock periodically to track your progress. If you do not finish in the allotted time, you will still receive scores as long as you have worked on every section. However, your scores will reflect the number of questions answered, and your score will decrease significantly with each unanswered question.

Read all the questions carefully
Data sufficiency questions require sufficient practice
The verbal section matters more than you think
Practice using laminated drawing boards
What is MAT
Confirm your answer
Practice taking tests within stipulated time
Strive to go beyond your target GMAT score
Keep your eye on the time
This List is Short but Exhaustive
Notice Grammar
Take as many practice tests as you can
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