how to clean jewelry

Denture Tablets

How to Clean Jewelry

How to Clean Gold Jewelry. Unlike silver, gold doesn't develop a dull tarnished finish over time.
Denture Tablets

Has your diamond ring lost its sparkle? Drop a denture tablet into a glass containing a cup of water. Follow that with your ring or diamond earrings. Let it sit for a few minutes. Remove your jewelry and rinse to reveal the old sparkle and shine.

Put a few drops of liquid dish detergent in a bowl of warm water
Wait for the water to cool
Denture Tablets
Cleaning Jewelry with Dish Soap
Club Soda
Gently scrub the jewelry with a soft bristle
Baking Soda
how to clean jewellery
Rinse each piece in warm running water
Rinse the jewelry thoroughly under running water
Protect Diamond Rings from Chlorine
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