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Finger Rings or Rings

Accessories for Girls

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Finger Rings or Rings

Rings also serve many purposes.Some wear stone studded rings because some astrologer suggested them to do so, some wear it for luck, some have their initials engraved on their ring, some wear it for the sake of a memory and some wear it because they enhance the beauty of their hands.You might also have day dreamed of buying yourself a solitaire diamond ring, did not you.Traditionally made of metal, but can be of various other materials.Rings also signify a lot of things and there are rings for varied occasions from wedding ring to mourning ring, cocktail rings to sports rings! Rings also have a long past, and they have not gone out of fashion!

Wooden bangles
Butterfly hair clips
Head gear
Finger Rings or Rings
Hair braids
Wrist wears
Healing bracelets
Indianstyle bangles
Ties worn as necklaces
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