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Socialize and have fun

Healthy Head

Socialize and have fun

We Americans specialize in stress, with little understanding of how to have fun. We need more time to socialize, celebrate and laugh! Some of us have walls around us that keep other people away. As humans, though, we need to be engaged and to be social. Kofi Annan, the secretary general of the United Nations, once stated that every time we lose an elder from our village, we lose a library. If we begin to think of everyone as a library, it becomes clear that we can learn from others.

Reduce the overall calories you consume daily
Socialize and have fun
Be Health Conscious
Reduce and Eliminate Smoking Drinking and other Drugs
Teach your brain new tricks
Maintain Strong Connections
Adopt a Nutrient Rich Diet
Become a Social Butterfly
Switch Up Your News Source
Develop your spirituality
Engage Yourself in the Complex and Novel
Do Not Retire from Life
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