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Engage Yourself in the Complex and Novel

Healthy Head

Engage Yourself in the Complex and Novel

Learning new information and skills across your entire lifespan helps to keep your brain strong even in the later years of life. Activities that have the highest value for brain health are those that are novel and complex to each particular person. What is easy for one person may be challenging for another, so the things that challenge you the most have the most value for your brain. It is the novel and complex that will challenge the brain, stimulate learning, and promote synaptic density, decreasing the likelihood that neurodegenerative disease will manifest. With practice of an activity or skill, your synaptic density increases, and what was once novel and complex can easily become rote and passive. Therefore, continually learning new things will ensure your brain is always expanding and staying sharp.

Let your Brain Work
Feed Your Brain
Partner with your doctor
Kick back and relax
Get Fit
Ward off Depression
Maintain your role and sense of purpose
Seek financial stability
Challenge Yourself
Engage in mentally stimulating activities
Follow your physicians advice
Move to Remember More
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