valentines day

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Sports and sports

Valentines day

Saint Valentines Day also known as Valentines Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine.
Sports and sports

If he is in to sports then think sports! There are so many sports memorabilia that you can purchase and some even at very reasonable prices.Check out your local sports equipment store, or sports memorabilia store. You can find great things online as well. If you can afford it get two tickets to a sporting event. If he is into hockey but authentic hockey tickets are to expensive then get two tickets to the minors so you can both go and watch your local hockey team. Its fun and still a sporting event. This also goes with most sports like football, basket ball, baseball, etc you can buy really cheap tickets to the local teams some even free. Its a unique gift and fun too.

Dinner for 2
Leave love notes for him on his car
Vamp it up
Note it
Seek out some silence
Go back to high school
Wow him with flirty photos of you
Play hooky
Watch the sunrise
Help him out
Set a budget and make it fun
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