benefits of turnips

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Cardiovascular Health

Benefits of Turnips

Cardiovascular Health

Turnips possess great antiinflammatory properties due to the presence of large amount of vitamin K. These help in preventing heart attacks, heart strokes and other heart ailments. Turnip greens aid in digestion by absorbing more amount of bile which uses up the cholesterol present in the body. This results in the reduction of cholesterol. Turnips are also excellent sources of folate, which further helps to boost up the cardiovascular system.

Turnips have a little bit of almost everything
Cures Asthma
Antiinflammatory properties
Weight Loss
Eye Health
Bone Health
Detox Support
Capillary Structure
Glucosinolate Antimicrobial and AntiInflammatory Benefits
Human use
Health Benefits
Turnip Greens as a Goitrogenic Food
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