greatest concept cars ever

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Mercedes Benz C111

Greatest Concept Cars Ever

Favourite Experimental Cars, from the very first concept car ever to 21st century .
Mercedes Benz C111

The 60s and 70s lay claim to some of the maddest concept cars ever, with more angles between them than a GCSE maths textbook. But what these wheels lacked in style, they more than made up with sheer power..

MercedesBenz and its C111 managed to take a 230bhp diesel up to 200mph in 1978, while averaging 14.7mpg at just under that speed over 12 hours. Not concent with breaking multiple speed records, a 500bhp V8 variant hit 250mph in 1979.

General Motors Firebird 1
Mercedes Benz C111
Volkswagen Aqua
Ford GT90
Holden Monaro Coupe 60
Audi Locus
Italdesign Aztec
Mazda RX 9
Buick Y Job
Fiat EYE
Ferrari 512S Modulo
Jaguar E Type
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