rules to play foosball

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Change of Positions

Rules to play Foosball

Change of Positions

In any doubles event, each player may play only the two rods normally designated for his position. Once the ball is put into play, the players must play the same position until a point is scored, a team requests a time out, or a technical is called. Either team may switch positions during a time out, between points, between games, or before and/or after a technical foul shot. Once a team has switched positions, they may not switch back until after the ball has been put back into play or another time out has been called. A team is considered to have switched positions once both players are in their respective places facing the table. Illegally switching positions while the ball is in play will be judged a distraction. In any doubles event any player placing their hand on any rod normally designated as one played by their partner while the ball is in play shall be judged as a distraction violations.

Change of Positions
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