most unique bridges in the world

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Pont Alexandre III France

Most Unique Bridges In The World

the world's longest,is one of the most modern bridges in Amsterdam.
Pont Alexandre III France

Elegance is the best word to describe this bridge. Located in Paris, construction started in 1896 and finished in 1900. It was built in the Art Nouveau style and is decorated with statues of nymphs, cherubs, winged horses, angels, ships and vintage lamps along its sides to create one of most decorated bridges in the world. Despite being French, it is named after Alexander the 3rd, Emperor of Russia, to honor the Franco Russian alliance. Alexander s son, Nicholas the 2nd, laid the first stone during the start of the construction. The statues gleaming in gold, bronze, copper and stone compliment the Parisian style of the bridge.

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Pont Alexandre III France
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