how to maintain good hygiene

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Do not shampoo every day unless you have very oily hair

How to Maintain Good Hygiene

Proper hygiene is one of the keys to a healthy lifestyle.
Do not shampoo every day unless you have very oily hair

Shampoo removes dirt and grime, but it also strips your hair of natural oils needed for clean, healthy hair. Many dermatologists believe it is actually healthier to shampoo every few days than daily. When you wash your head, be sure to scrub you scalp lightly with your fingers to remove dead skin cells.Always use conditioner after shampooing to return healthy oils back to your hair.

Social approval
Wash your bedding every few weeks
Always wear clean clothes and underwear
Keep your hands and nails clean
Keep food preparation areas clean and organized
Bathing and Washing
Body Image
Get regular check ups
Menstrual Hygiene
Have hygienic periods by changing tampons and wearing clean underwear
Foot Care
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