how to maintain good hygiene

Germs and Bacteria

How to Maintain Good Hygiene

Proper hygiene is one of the keys to a healthy lifestyle.
Germs and Bacteria

Bacteria enter our bodies after we come into physical contact with them. Handling raw food, changing diapers, working in the garden, cleaning toilets and emptying garbage cans all expose us a variety of contaminants and bacteria. Immediately after coming into contact with any materials you feel might be harmful if swallowed or rubbed into your eyes or nose, wash your hands with soap and warm water.

Foot Care
Brush your teeth twice a day
Oral Hygiene
Drink enough water
Social Reasons
Self esteem
Floss at least once a day
Keep your hands and nails clean
Do not shampoo every day unless you have very oily hair
Scrub your body well
Open you windows when you can
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