benefits of hair straightening

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Use the Straightener

Benefits of Hair Straightening

Use the Straightener

From the section of hair that is hanging down, separate a strip that is approximately two or three centimetres wide. Clamp the iron to this strip near the roots, and gently and smoothly pull the iron down toward the tips. Repeat this process across the entire section. Individuals should find a heat level that works best for their hair. In general, delicate hair responds better to multiple, quick passes with a low heat setting, while thick, curly hair can be handled with slow, single strokes on a high heat setting. Be aware that high heat can be damaging to hair if left in a single place for too long, while multiple passes wear hair out. Ultimately, personal preference and comfort levels should dictate the process, so find an efficient balance that provides the best results while retaining healthy hair.

Section Hair and Clip it Up
Use a high quality flat iron
Hair Dryer
Adds shine and helps accent straight hair
Won t need a lot of shampoo
Heat damage to your hair is hard to repair
Curling Iron
Temperature are necessary
The Process of Hair Straightening
Have to prepare your hair so as to withstand the heat and pressure of the hair
Dry Hair
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