benefits of artichoke

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Selecting and Storing Artichokes

Benefits of Artichoke

Selecting and Storing Artichokes

Now that you are convinced and off to shop for artichokes, it is important you know how to pick for the freshest and choicest of the produce out on sale. When shopping for artichokes, pick out vegetables with a firm globe that is compact, solid and heavy. The artichoke should have tightly packed large leaves. The best artichokes to pick are those with firm heads. The stem should be fleshy. Brown stems are fine as long as they are turgid and not wilted, slimy or dry.

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How does it work
Vitamin Source
Antioxidant Power of Artichokes Can Reduce Cholesterol
Cancer Prevention
Cholesterol Reduction
How to eat artichokes
Cooking and Consuming Artichokes
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