benefits of peas

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Benefits of Peas


The modernday garden pea is thought to have originated from the field pea that was native to central Asia and the Middle East. Because its cultivation dates back thousands and thousands of years, the green pea is widely recognized as one of the first food crops to be cultivated by humans. Peas were apparently consumed in dry form throughout much of their early history, and did not become widely popular as a fresh food until changes in cultivation techniques that took place in Europe in the 16th century. Peas are now grown throughout the world in nearly every climatic zone, and are widely consumed in both fresh and dried form.

Support for Blood Sugar Regulation
Green Peas and Purines
Prevents signs of ageing
Improves your immunity
Alzheimers and Arthritis
Harvest as most of the sugar content
Nutritional Profile
Prevention of wrinkles Alzheimers
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